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Psychosis and Psychoanalysis in the Institutional Culture

December 28th0inh, 2011
Keynote speaker: R.D. Hinshelwood, Professor of Psychoanalysis, University of Essex; Full Member British Psycho-Analytical Society; Fellow Royal College of Psychiatrists; Past Clinical Director of Cassel Hospital; Author of Suffering Insanity: Psychoanalytic Essays on Psychosis (2004) Routledge, and of many other books and articles.

We are inviting presentations on:
1. Theory/History of psychoanalysis and the psychoses
2. In-depth case presentations of psychoanalytic therapies or psychoanalytically informed therapies with psychotic patients
3. The future of psychoanalysis in its encounter with the psychoses

Presentations will consist of 30 minutes of presenting and 15 minutes for discussion (45 minutes total).

Proposals must include the following:
Title of presentation (maximum of 15 words)
Abstract (maximum of 300 words)
The following for each person who will be presenting:
Name, address, phone, e-mail, institutional affiliation(s), brief biographical statement (maximum of 30 words), CV or resume (maximum of 2 pages); designated contact person if more than one presenter
Audio/visual requirements

Deadline for submission: July 15, 2011
Abstracts should be submitted to:
Dr. Orna Ophir at: ornaophirnyc@gmail.com
Visit www.isps.org for more information
on upcoming ISPS events

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